3D Laser scanning – a service by ESA Microwave GmbH

Would you like to upgrade your antennas or know the best ways to futureproof your antennas? Teleports have massively expanded in number since the mid-1980s. Many teleport antennas in use today date back 30 years.

ESA Microwave GmbH depends on the exact geometry data of a reflector when evaluating antenna and feed performance. These data are not always available from the manufacturer.

We therefore offer as a service high-accuracy 3D laser scanning and evaluation of reflectors.3D scanning - landing page

Special features:

  • Dimensions:    - Antenna diameter up to 35 m.
  • Accuracy:        - Millions of geo-referenced points with ≤ 1 mm accuracy compared to photogrammetry
  • Speed:             - 15 minutes per scan; one million points per second.
  • Advantage:      - Antennas can be scanned while in operation.

ESA Microwave GmbH is an experienced partner in upgrading teleport antenna systems and uses 3D laser scanning data to offer the best solution.

We will provide a report which includes the complete set of 3D laser scanning results and a performance evaluation.

Please see the fully detailed service here

On request we can propose future upgrade possibilities.

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