RADAR        RX/TX       5G

C-Band Filter

  • Radar Signal Elimination
  • RX/TX Signal Rejection
  • 5G Signal Elimination

Elimination of radar and 5G interfering signals below and above Passband, caused by navigation, communications of commercial and military aircraft, marine vessels and coastal installations.

Filter can be customized for customer requirements

Published in the professional microwave journal “Frequenz 59“ in the year 2005
„Design and Realization of a Compact Multi-Resonator Bandpass Filter for C-Band Earth Station Antennas“

Ku-Band Filters
RX/TX Signal Rejection

Set Type 1:
10.70 GHz - 12.50 GHz
12.75 GHz – 14.50 GHz

Set Type 2:
10.70 GHz – 12.75 GHz
13.00 GHz – 14.50 GHz

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