About ESA Microwave

ESA Microwave is a leading European system integrator specialising in ground station antennas and high performance microwave components for satellite communication and wireless broadcasting. The company has been operating for more than 20 years from headquarters near Stuttgart in Germany.

In Q4 2020 Hiltron GmbH, a globally active satellite system integrator, manufacturer and distributor, acquired the assets of ESA Microwave including the know-how to design, develop, manufacture and test feed systems and microwave components for the bands from S to Ka. This includes band combination for multi-band feeds. We can now offer multi-band feed systems for new antennas as well as retrofit and upgrade of feeds for existing antennas, through the sales channel of Hiltron.

Professional counseling and problem solving

Our customers can rely on our profound knowledge of the various products available on the market.
We expressly invite you to contact us if you have technical questions or if you require consultancy for a proper equipment selection.
Contact us at info@esamicrowave.de or +49 7191 220866-0 to hear more

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